Promax has a long history with fuel injection.   Marty built his first EFI system for his 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix in 1996. Back then a new North American manufacturer of EFI systems was born.

The newly formed company was named "Fel Pro Electronics" (FP Electronics). Federal Mogul then bought out Fel Pro and FP Electronics became Speed Pro Electronics. Speed Pro has been a long standing line in the performance engine parts industry going back generations.

Marty was able to acquire a Speed Pro system through a Federal Mogul Rep. They were testing the waters on this newly acquired product at Speed Pro Electronics and Marty was eager to make the move from a 1050CFM Holley Dominator carb to EFI.

As cool as it was to be in on this product at an early stage, what really happened was that the Speed Pro guys didn’t have a lot of resources for the viability of the line in a retail enviroment.  The toughest part was tech support. Marty had more questions than answers, and not much came from Speed Pro. Marty’s first system was a 2 X 1000 cfm TBI set up, on a homemade Tunnel Ram.  This was a bear to set up and tune. The biggest problem was air leakage past the throttle blades (8 of them) which created problems with the lack of an Idle Air Control motor. The electronics where so rudimentary back then that the choice was if you wanted the option for nitrous control there was not enough space on the board for IAC control!

Pontiac 468 with Speed Pro EFI, home made Intake, Fuel Rails, and Serpentine Coversion

Along came COMP Cams, they saw an opportunity and a new future in performance fuel injection, Fuel Air Spark Technology "FAST" was born.  They went full on into developing the product, and most notably dedicating the research and support required to bring this innovation to the Carb crowd.  First came XFI, then, their EZ and EZ 2.0 products. Many innovations came down the pipe including self-learning.

The performance market took note and other players evolved. Holley also had a long history of fuel injection for the performance market, and like FAST, learned from their earlier efforts, and now have an impressive lineup of ECUs including self-learning systems.  Another pioneer in the group was Accel. Accel chose a different marketing strategy which was to form a select group of certified installer specialists to market their line of ECUs and hardware.



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