Our Performance Engines

There are options for buying Performance Engines these days. Typically, in the past, the performance enthusiast would see their local speed and machine shop and have an engine custom built, but now, in today’s on-line world, a quick call is all it takes to get a pre-made engine coming your way. So today it’s your choice, a custom-built pmx engine, a custom-built pmx drop in or in some cases, a Crate Engine made in a factory.

Promax uses the latest CNC computer-controlled equipment to machine the custom and drop in engines we sell. We can sell you a complete carb to pan “crate” type engine, custom built to your exact needs, or a Long Block Assembly (bottom and top end no covers), Short Block Assembly (bottom end only), or a machining and or parts package.

Promax offers both custom built Performance engines and OE built crate engines. Whichever way you decide we can help you with “the other stuff” to finish off your project. Our experience will get you to the finish line on your project! Don’t spend your money twice, just call us and we will get you the right stuff the first time.

Whichever way you decide, Promax knows the difference between the right parts and what you get when you buy "the big factory" crate engine. Promax has more than 35 years’ experience in the performance industry. “Lots of people end up with a factory crate engine that needs different parts. Parts installed on “Crate Engines” are often incorrect for the intended application, or are inadequate for the intended usage. We see oil pans that don’t fit, flywheels or flexplates that don’t bolt up, incorrect balancers or flywheels, antiquated ignition systems, carburetors, and intake manifolds.”

We also recognize that folks at GM for example, have an internal program for production of their own line of crate motors. Keeping this program "in house" assures the consumer of a quality product.

At Promax you can decide what’s best for you!

Promax can sell you a GM Crate engine at great prices.
call and we will make the deal right for you!

So, your choice…

ProMax Performance - engines for Racing, Street/Strip, Street Rod, Muscle Car and Restoration.

PMX Chevy 383 stroker with weiand 177 blower
PMX Chevy 383 stroker with fast ez efi
PMX Chevy 383 stroker with fast xfi muliport sequential fuel injection
PMX chevy dart small block 427 with wieand 8-71 blower
PMX chevy 383 ls stroker with fast lsx manifold and fast 102 mm throttle body
PMX chevy 6.0L ls with GM Performance Parts LS3 CNC Ported heads
pmx chevy ls 383 with holley efi
pmx ls 408 stoker with dart heads
pmx chevy gen v 454 with edelbrock heads
pmx chevy 496 with Billet Speciialties Serpentine Drive Conversion
PMX chevy 706 cid with sonny's heads, sonny's custom intake, and fast 2.0 xfi efi
Marty's Pontiac 468 with Speed Pro EFI, ported ed heads, home made tunnel ram and fuel rails, home made serp conversion ~ 1997
pmx pontiac 455 with fast ez efi, custom paint and march serpentine conversion
pmx Pontiac 535 pump gas street strip engine with FAST EZ 2.0 EFI
pmx pontiac 455 with edelbrock heads, and factory cast iron type exhaust headers
marty's pontiac 535 cid with aftermarket block, custom ported heads, and fast xfi 2.0 sequential multiport efi
pmx Pontiac 468 Harland Sharp Rockers Ported Edelbrock Heads
Pontiac 468 SRP Pistions eagle rods howards lifters comp HR cam Edelbrock Heads
pmx Pontiac 400 Custom JE Pistons #96 Heads
pmx Super Rare 1970 Olds W-31 350 Restoration
PMX buick 400 with edelbrock heads and t/a intake and valve covers
GM zz350 Short Block
GM 350/290 Basic
GM 350 Deluxe
GM 383 Short Block Assembly
GM SP383
GM 454 HO Short Block Assembly
GM 454 long block assembly cast iron heads
GM ZZ 454 engine assembly
GM ls 6.2 / 376 ls3 engine assembly
dr 525 ls 6.2 drag race engine
gm lsx 376 b8 engine asssembly
GM LSX 454
pmx Dodge 318 Edelbrock Heads
pmx Ford 408 Cleavland Stroker
pmx ford Windsor 408 stroker with fast ez efi
pmx ford small block 347 stroker with newest version of fast ez efi
pmx ford 289 with edelbrock e street heads
pmx ford small block 347 stroker with fast ez efi
pmx ford FE 438 stroker
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